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Lawn Mowing

Mowing is a fundamental part of maintaining a good lawn. Correct mowing produces a neat, even, well-groomed appearance that is a source of personal pride and satisfaction. 


Core Aeration is the best way to help reduce soil compaction. It is the compaction of heavy clay soils that halt deep root development and the movement of water and nutrients into the soil. 


Verti-cutting or vertical mowing, is the process of mechanically removing thatch build up in your yard. Thatch is the layer of dead biomass (roots and stems) between the soil and green grass. 


The ideal time to seed lawns in the Kansas City area is early to mid-September. At this time of the year, the soil temperatures are still high, nighttime temperatures start to fall, and more rainfall is usually received.

Fertilizing & Grub Control

Properly fertilized turf is better able to compete with weed invasions and is able to recover from damage caused by environmental and biotic stresses more readily than turf that is improperly fertilized.



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