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lawn mowing

STIHL tools are German-engineered, and a majority of them, built in America. They are built with the highest standards of quality, and I do not settle for anything less.

In addition, as a certified Stihl Technician, I know how to repair each and every piece of Stihl equipment. This is beneficial to customers, because they can always depend on us and our equipment to get the job done.

Why we use wright standers

why we use stihl power equipment

We take every factor into consideration

Wright was the first, and continues to be the most advanced, stand-on mowing technology available. Standers are faster, lighter, more ergonomic, and easier on the turf, which is why we use them on every yard we cut.

Mowing is a fundamental part of maintaining a good lawn. Correct mowing produces a neat, even, well-groomed appearance that is a source of personal pride and satisfaction. A lawn's density, water consumption, weed infestation, and resistance to weather stress are largely affected by how it is mowed. The effectiveness of all other lawn maintenance- fertilizing, watering and weed control-depends on it.